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About Us

dbNet is an Information Technology consultancy firm. We have provided complex web and database application development services to Australian Government and commercial sectors for over 11 years. Our track record is fully referenceable and features significant project work assignments.

In each of our projects over the years, clients have asked us to pay particular attention to Identity Management issues.  These are particularly important in implementing single-signon authentication, authorisiation-based-security levels, transaction auditing, integration with 3rd-party applications, and integration with Directory infrastructure systems.  We deal with various open-source and proprietary Directory systems and have become "masters" at Identity Management.  In offering ADmira, we are bringing together many of the lessons that our clients and we have learnt over the years, about what users want in internal directory systems, and what "works" and what does not.

We are equally comfortable with Perl / Linux / openLDAP, and C# / Windows Server / Active Directory.  Whether your identify management environment is pure Microsoft (Active Directory), pure open-source (openLDAP), or some other hybrid of LDAP technologies, we have probably been where you are now!