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Download ADmira

12 Mar 2010 1.0 WS2003 / IISv6 1.91MB MSI
12 Mar 2010 1.0 WS2008 / IISv7 1.96MB MSI

** Please make sure you have read and agreed to ADmira's Terms and Conditions before downloading/installing it.


Installation Guide

  1. Download the ADmira MSI file onto your computer.
  2. Double click on the MSI file.
  3. Click Next for the "Welcome to the ADmira Setup Wizard" screen
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully.  If you agree to the license agreement, check "I Agree" and click Next.  Otherwise click "Cancel" to abort the installation.
  5. Click Next for the "ADmira Information" screen.
  6. On the "Select Installation Address" screen, specify the Site, Virtually Directory (strictly speaking, Virtual Application), and Application Pool you'd like ADmira to install to as illustrated below.  Click Next.
    Select Installation Address Screen
  7. Click Next to confirm installation.
  8. Click Next to start the installation of ADMira.
  9. Click Close when the ADmira has installed successfully.


Installation Log

During installation, a log file called ADmiraInstallation.log will be created in %temp% of the server. To open the %temp% folder in Windows Explorer, do:

  1. On the Windows Server, click Start from bottom left corner of the screen
  2. Select Run...
  3. Type in: %temp%, and press Enter


Un-Installation Guide

  1. Double click on the MSI file.
  2. From the "Welcome to the ADmira Setup Wizard" screen, select "Remove ADmira" and click Finish.
  3. Click Close.

Please note ADmira files, folders and virtual application may need to be manually removed.